About Us

As a Real Estate Broker specializing in listing foreclosures, I felt that the cost for showing services was just too high considering all my properties were vacant. I set out to find a reliable, cost efficient company to handle my scheduling needs. In my quest, I discovered why showing companies charge so much. They have large call centers, which translates into extreme overhead cost.

In order to charge less a company would need to be created that did not require so much overhead. Thus GoAndShow.net was born! By developing a robust website that utilizes an automated phone system and the latest texting technology, we have eliminated the need for large call centers. With a robust website and live customer support, we are able to offer the high quality that realtors expect, while saving them a substantial amount of money every month! No games, no gimmicks, just savings.

Welcome to GoAndShow.net, we are Revolutionizing Real Estate Showings!